Welcome to 99-Taste.com.  Our mission is to create 99 recipe variations or flavors of 99 favorite food categories.  Some categories, like ice cream – easy!  Others, like overnight oats, a little more difficult.  Some flavors will be simple, but delicious, like pumpkin pancakes.  Others will be more unique or even off the wall – what would pancakes taste like with hot sauce in the batter?  Of course, there are regional tastes and specialties as well.  What I find to eat here down south around Atlanta may be different than what you have in Maine or Washington or London or Japan.  So this blog doesn’t only belong to me – it belongs to you too!  Let’s share our flavor ideas.  Anything sweet, savory, or totally weird is welcome!  The more we share together, the more creative our minds will become.  Happy Tasting!

(The majority of our recipes are completely original and have been tested in a home cook’s  kitchen, usually more than once.  Only the best recipes are deemed “blog-worthy.”)